The civil and criminal appeals process is often confusing to the novice. Meyer Capel appeals attorneys have years of experience in meeting the criteria of the Court in both civil and criminal appeals. Our appellate attorneys have argued in both federal and state appeals courts for our clients. Our lawyers have also written appellate briefs for both the United States and Illinois Supreme Courts.

While appellate work is often more cost effective when a lawyer handles the matter at the trial level as well, we have experience coming in following a decision from the court, reviewing transcripts and filings, and then preparing a brief for the federal system and the state appeals courts.

If you are unhappy with the decision rendered by a judge in Illinois, Meyer Capel can help you take your case to the next level of the courts. Look no further than the team at Meyer Capel for your legal needs. We have handled a wide range of matters for clients of all sizes and have the strength and teamwork to seamlessly guide you through the appellate process. Let us help you formulate the best possible appeal strategy for your case in federal or state court.