Securities regulation at both the state and federal level is a complicated area of the law. The attorneys at Meyer Capel have been helping businesses and individuals navigate securities law for five decades. Our lawyers’ experience in securities regulation is invaluable to businesses that are just starting out and to businesses that are closing or selling out. The lawyers at Meyer Capel have taken part in complex securities transactions that involve assets located across several states, as well as simple asset purchase agreements involving only two businesses.

Additionally, our lawyers have experience preparing required investment disclosures. Attorneys at Meyer Capel know how to prepare a prospectus that will satisfy the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its state counterparts. Meyer Capel has been a part of transactions involving foreign and multi-national businesses, helping them comply with federal and state regulations.

When you find yourself in need of an attorney that understands the complexity of securities regulation, Meyer Capel is confident that we can help you develop an understanding of policies related to the filing of disclosure reports, applicable Blue Sky Laws, and the licensure to buy and sell securities that will affect your business decisions and interests.